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Deep and big, with plenty of room and two side handles

Why You Want It
It’s the go-to for pasta, but it’s also the go-to for stews, seafood, and so much more.

Put It to Work
All that room means you can fill it up with just about anything, but stews, stocks, mussels, get really easy with a spacious pot. You can simmer, fry, and boil, so it’s good for chilis and other slow cooker, flavor-dense food. And we’ve heard some even use it for home brewing.

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Induction cooking is fast, easy, accurate and safe. But you’ll need pots and pans with a level, magnetic base. GreenPan’s got you covered: most of our collections are induction-proof, thanks to their special base featuring ferromagnetic particles.


Many people still love to cook on a gas stove. It allows you to easily regulate the heat, so you can fine-tune your cooking process. You won’t have any trouble using GreenPan, because all our collections are fit for gas stove cooking.

Electric & ceramic

Electric and ceramic hobs take a bit longer to heat up, but they’re also slow to cool down again. Turn off the heat as soon as your dish is nearly done to save energy! All our collections are suited for electric and ceramic hobs. Just pick your favorite!

The right diameter

Regardless of the type of hob you have, always make sure the base of your pot or pan (aka the induction zone) has the same diameter as the hotplate you’ll be using it on.

For example: if a hotplate on your hob measures 18cm across, get a pot or pan with a base that has a diameter of 18cm (= an induction zone of 18cm).

TIP: (Induction) hotplate not heating up straight away? Shift your pot or pan a bit to make sure it connects with the magnetic field of your hotplate.

Double-check the size of each pot or pan’s induction zone to choose the right one.