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obsessed with innovation

The Smart Technologies Formulate A Better Pan

That’s why we have a dedicated research and development team that analyzes every facet of our products to create never-before-seen technologies that take our collections to the next level. We have over 150 patents to prove it. Discover what dedication can create.

The original healthy ceramic nonstick


Nonstick Without Nasties
Traditional nonstick coatings are plastic synthetics. We created the first, and best, alternative in 2007 with our healthy ceramic nonstick. Our main coating raw materials are derived from sand. Unlike traditional nonstick coatings, Thermolon™ is manufactured without PFAS or PFOA.

Takes the Heat
Thermolon™ is a fantastic heat conductor. Our pans heat quickly and cook food evenly so you can fry and sear even at low heat settings. A little oil, a little heat, and you’ve got a perfectly cooked meal and a pan that wipes clean.

Reinforced with Diamond
Diamond is the secret weapon behind our ceramic non-stick coating. That’s because diamond is both strong and an excellent heat conductor, with great non-stick properties.

Learn more about Thermolon™
Stainless steel that stays stainless


Stained by Heat
After only a few uses, some stainless steel pans can become fully tarnished. Heat discoloration is caused by progressive thickening of the surface oxide layer (oxides of chromium) when exposed to heat.

Brighter, Better, Actually Stainless
We think you deserve a pan that stays beautiful. Created to solve the problem of tinted stainless, Evershine™ is a surface treatment applied to a pan’s exterior to help keep it looking new long after it’s not.

A trailblazing base for all stovetops


Based in Science
Some induction bases warp due to two types of metal heating at different rates (aka the bimetal effect). Magneto™ is a thick base with copper-reinforced ferromagnetic particles applied to the bottom of each pan. Since it’s integrated into the base, you’ll never have to worry about warping.

Bring Induction Tech Anywhere
Magneto™ optimizes the induction power of any pan. Combining superior induction performance with hard anodized durability, Magneto™ gives you the best of both worlds. Whether you’re using an induction, electric, or gas stovetop, you can expect fast, even heat distribution and flawless results.

maximum strength and scratch resistance

Scratch Guard™

Where Super Strong Meets Super Delicious
Conventional toughening of aluminum cooking surfaces includes traditional flame and plasma sprays but leave uneven layers of rough particles that work for traditional non-stick, but not ceramic. We proudly introduce Scratch Guard™, our newest reason to love your GreenPan™.

Stay Scratch Free
Wear and tear happens when traditional sprays leave uneven layers of rough particles that don’t work with ceramic non-stick coatings. Scratch Guard™ has been put through an intense testing process and ensures excellent scratch resistance.

rougher and durable coatings surface


Thoughened Ceramic Non-Stick
Metal beads are fired at the cooking surface to make a rough and textured cooking surface. Due to the rough coating, ingredients are even less inclined to stick, making your cooking more convenient and cleaning up really easy.

Textured Coating Surface
Get ready for the ultimate frying experience! Thanks to the Shotblast™ technology this range has a rough, textured cooking surface which guarantees amazing non-stick results.