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Healthy Ceramic Nonstick

About Greenpan

We changed the way people cook when we introduced the world to healthy ceramic nonstick in 2007. Since then, we’ve redefined nonstick, refined our processes, and revolutionized the cookware industry. Discover how we do it.

What You Cook on Matters

Traditional Nonstick Is Plastic

When nonstick coatings were invented in the mid-1950s, few could have imagined their environmental impact. Traditional nonstick is plastic, and these plastics, plus the chemicals used to turn them into nonstick coatings, have altered nearly every living thing on Earth.

Now known as “forever chemicals,” the chemicals that turn plastic into a coating have been found in 99% of Americans. Not just in drinking water or in our homes, but literally in our bodies. And microplastics have become so prevalent they’ve been found in unborn babies.

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The First & The Best

The Original Healthy Ceramic Nonstick

We don’t want to contribute to unhealthy cycles, so we committed to changing the recipe.

In 2007, we introduced the world to Thermolon™, the original healthy ceramic nonstick. Instead of plastic, our coating starts with the main raw materials that were originally derived from sand. Thermolon™ is the first alternative to traditional nonstick coatings, the first plastic-free nonstick, and the first nonstick coating made without PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium. In less than 15 years, we’ve become the leader in healthy nonstick cooking.

We’re proud of the things we don’t put in our pans.

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Clean Your Kitchen

A Better Way to Cook

Some companies make a big deal of the few toxins they don’t use. When we say other companies use PFAS, we’re talking about a whole family of chemicals. Those four letters represent a group of chemicals, so when one is banned, another just like it takes its place.

The cookware you use affects every meal you make. We believe there’s a better way to cook, and our healthy ceramic nonstick proves it. It heats faster than traditional coatings, and it won’t release toxic fumes if it’s overheated. That’s why we say healthy cooking starts with GreenPan.

We Make It

Built with Confidence

We’re in it for the long haul, so we’re committed to sustainable practices.

Other companies come and go, creating cheap products, in cheap factories, with even cheaper materials. Many of these are damaging to the environment in new, unregulated ways. They do it that way because it’s, well, cheaper.

But we own our factory. We know the DNA of our products. We make our coating, we make our pans, and we make sure every product lives up to our standards.

We don’t have to wait for the industry to change to do something about it—we are the change.

The Most Advanced by Design

Relentless Innovation

We don’t have to ask anyone what’s in our pans. We hold over +150 patents for technological advancements designed to make cooking easier and better for everyone.

And we know for a fact our technology makes our pans better. We have a dedicated in-house testing lab that compares our innovations with other products on the market.

When we say we’re better, it’s because we’ve made sure of it.

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Green is Our Name

Sustainable Practices

We’re constantly working to live up to our name. We use recycled aluminum in most of our products. We have our own wastewater treatment plant. Our factory runs on 30% solar energy. We’ve won dozens of awards for our dedication to our workers and the environment, but we are always working to make our healthy products better for everyone.

We also have 50 employees dedicated to quality control, because the best thing we can do for you, and the environment, is to deliver a product that lasts.

An Industrial Revolution

Research & Development

Why does a cookware company have a research and development team? Traditional nonstick existed for 50 years before any alternative emerged. That was us. In under 15 years, we introduced the world to a new way to cook and revolutionized the industry.

Our 15-member R&D team is dedicated to pushing our innovations further. We’ve created seven generations of Thermolon™, each a culmination of years of study and experience. Our evolution is driven by our desire to prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there’s a better way to cook.


Our factory has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates. In addition, our factory is BSCI audited. At GreenPan, we care about our staff and the environment.
We use upcycled stainless steel and aluminum where possible.
60% less CO2 emissions during the curing phase in the production of Thermolon™ layers.

Recognition of our quality

Our products have already won several awards worldwide and we are proud of that!
We make the difference with our premium quality, high-quality materials, healthy non-stick coating and smart design.